The 2019/2020 Season

Welcome to our third season!

Kenora Opera Theatre‚Äôs mandate is to create auditory and visually compelling performances through education and mentorship that enrich our students and community, with a focus on classical vocal technique and how it applies to opera and other genres of music.  Students are encouraged to have creative input in our productions and participate in repertoire selection, set design and costuming.  These students work with a range of professionals in our area including vocalists, instrumentalists, writers, visual artists and dancers.  We sing, not as a solo activity but as a community effort that can influence other forms of art or be influenced by them. In our third year, we now have students learning about lighting, sound, makeup, stage managing and social media advertising.  Kenora Opera Theatre arose from a need to give professional performers and performance ready students a place to learn and perform.  With the success of our 2018/2019 season we are going forward being able to commission a new work while also pursuing traditional repertoire.

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