Conversations Overheard in a Coffeehouse

We all have a first love.  This love creates a foundation on which everything else is built.  For Olivia that love was cabaret.

Cabaret is defined on Wikipedia as follows:  Cabaret (English: /kæbəˈr/) is a form of theatrical entertainment featuring music, song, dance, recitation, or drama. It is mainly distinguished by the performance venue, which might be a pub, a restaurant or a nightclub with a stage for performances. The audience, often dining or drinking, does not typically dance but usually sits at tables. Performances are usually introduced by a master of ceremonies or MC.

“Conversations Overheard in a Coffeehouse”, written by Olivia, features some of her favourite cabaret pieces, as well as pieces chosen by the cast.  The atmosphere is relaxed, the coffee is hot, and the gossip is scintillating.  Join us for an evening out of the opera…

March 23 and 24

7:00 p.m

Knox United Church

$15.00 per person

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