A Course of Shakespeare FAQ

Why a play instead of an opera?

Olivia completed a theatre minor in university as part of her studies to become a performer and director.  The ability to act and use the voice in a healthy manner while speaking are important skills for any performer.  Working on a piece that focuses on text rather than music will give students the opportunity to focus on different aspects of being on stage.

Why “A Midsummer Night’s Dream”?

Olivia spent a full semester of university studying and performing “A Midsummer Night’s Dream.”  This beautiful play offers several lead characters in three separate main storylines.  This offers a unique opportunity to rehearse several scenes at once – while one group is blocking their parts another can be memorizing together as a group. 

How many people will be in the cast?

We are looking for a cast of 12 to fill 21 roles.  All actors, expect for those playing Hermia, Helena, Lysander and Demetrius will be cast in several roles.  This is to create a mirror effect of the human and fairy realms.  This also gives all actors ample stage time.

I work until 4:30 p.m., can I still audition?

Yes!  Please tell us if your work means you have to arrive late or leave early.  Given our long rehearsal time and the separate storylines we should be able to work around known work schedules.  

What will auditions be like?

Auditions for this production will be held in a group.  Actors will be asked to read together onstage to asses how you play off of one another.  Once we have received your application you will be assigned two sections of script which you will be asked to read in the audition.  

How can I prepare for the audition?

Familiarize yourself with the play, read the Cole’s Notes if you don’t have time to read the script.  Audiobook recordings are available online as well youtube video productions.  

Will there be a read-through before January?

There will be script read-through on Friday, December 14 from 4:30 to 6:30 p.m.  We will go over all script cuts on this day.  If you are unable to make it please let us know ahead of time so you can be provided with a list of cuts.  

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