Meet our Hansel and Gretel Characters

The Witch – as played by Wendy Paton
Rebekka Addams
I was born into the famous Addams family right in this very forest.  Mutter und Vater live right around the corner.  Those were my cousins you saw on TV in North America.
Of course my education included learning all the best secret witch spells.
I decided the gingerbread spell was THE very best.  I love gingerbread!  Now, I figure gingerbread made of children would have a little more flavour as well as a nice meaty texture.
My parents helped my buy this tasty house and have encouraged me to start practising my witching skills.
There seem to be lots of children in and around this forest and they all love candy.  The children that I have changed into gingerbread already don’t look as delicious as I would like.  But, they were willing participants in my spell building skills.
Now these two children look like they would make the tastiest morsels of gingerbread.
I have added some new super tasty candies to the house and I have some delicious cakes inside.  I’ll fatten them up just a bit.
My oven has been fully tested and is registering the correct temperature for plump gingerbread.
Oooooo, I am sooooo looking forward to dinner tonight, especially dessert.
Love all you humans in ways you have not even thought of.
 Rebekka (Rebecca means the ensnarer)


Hansel – as played by Jesse McIsaac

If there’s one thing about me I love food. Especially candy! Though I do enjoy other healthier meals. Such as pudding! I hate doing chores. I prefer to play and sing and dance all day. My twin sister, Gretel, is no fun. She always bosses me around, she thinks she knows better than me. Off the record: I actually love my sister and I would do anything to keep her safe. I would never tell her that though.


Hansel – as played by Michael Albanese-Higgins

Hi my names Hansel and I love pie. I love cake and candy, and I love love love pudding. Once in a while all I can do is just sit at home and dream dreams of eating candy since it’s been so long since we’ve last had any. Mother and father are always working hard to get things done while me and Gretel like to play and sing and dance all day, even though I can’t dance nearly as well as my sister. Sometimes she bugs me so much that I can’t stand her but I know that I will always be there for her, but don’t tell her I said that. Someday I know that we will have great stories to tell and all live a happy and plentiful life.


Gretel – as played by Fabiola Strecker

Hi, I’m Gretel, I am 8 years old and full of energy! I love to sing and dance and playing with my Brother Hansel (but sometimes he annoys me). I live with my Mother and Father. My Father makes brooms and Mother takes care of the house and knits scarves and mittens. I love playing with my dolls and hate it when mother forces me to clean the house or mend my stockings instead… so they have holes…I’d rather play then mend them anyways!! Mother and Father don’t sell as much as we would hope, I know this because we don’t have a lot of food to eat most of the time but I will never let them know how hungry I am because they work so hard, Hansel on the other hands is always whining!! Sometimes Mother sends Hansel and I into the woods behind our house to pick Strawberries and half the time have to pick twice as many because we eat them before we pick them!!


Peter, the Father – as played by Kyle McIsaac

I make brooms which by nature is not hard work but neither is it consistent work. I make good brooms the problem then is that my earnings from selling these brooms is gone before they need replacing. This leaves me with lots of time and lots of brooms and not a lot of money to feed my family. With too much time on my hands I tend to spend much of it at the tavern in the company of friends and strangers alike. Most seem to enjoy my tales and yarns and show their thanks with a beer or two. I don’t mind so much as my wife does so I load up my cart every morning and head to town to try to sell some brooms. This morning was just like any other but town seems much busier today. I wonder…


Peter, the Father – as played by Bill Broten
I am a poor broom and brush maker. As a child, I was raised in a caring but poor family. My parents were seldom home as they were always working trying to feed my two brothers and I. In my youth I was physically fit and active. Now still physically able I have a furrowed brow from trying to keep my wife and children fed. I am friendly to all, even the downtrodden and ne’er-do-well. I often spend my time attempting to help others. I love my family a great deal but feel grave because my efforts are in vain, caused by a wide spread famine in the area.


Gertrude, the Mother – as played by Denique Adams

Hello, my name is Gerturde and I am the mother of Hansel and Gretel. My husband is Peter and he is a broom-maker. We live in a cottage at the edge of a huge forest. Things have not gone very well for our family, we have very little and at times we go hungry. I do what I can by knitting socks, scarves, and slippers, but sales have not been good.

My children are basically good but at times they can be lazy and not do all the chores I have left for them. When this happens, I get very angry and lose my temper. I think it’s because I want so much more for Hansel and Gretel but cannot provide for them. I hate that our cupboard is bare and there is nothing but water for my hungry children.

I’m so tired. Peter and I work from early morning ‘til late at night slaving and toiling to no avail.

I love my family and pray that God will intervene and help us.


Navarra, the Sand Fairy – as played by Sheila Toderian

I am the Sand Fairy, Navarra, the fairy of the night, who has special magic with nighttime sprinkles and sparkles of sand. I can see that Hansel & Gretel are terrified of being lost and alone in the woods and are in need of nurturance and reassurance. As the fairy of the night I have the spirit of calmness and serenity to soothe and comfort Hansel and Gretel who are afraid. I also can feel the energy of other creatures in the woods who are becoming increasingly scared as the sky is becoming darker and the woods become a spookier place to be. As the other creatures stir, I can hear that Hansel & Gretel are becoming increasingly alarmed and distressed about what is going to happen to them. I sing a fairly lullaby to them to help them fall asleep quickly and let them know that the beautiful angels will be coming from heaven to protect them with their love and light. Rest little ones and know that sweet dreams will come to you and you will be comforted by the wings of the angels.



Celeste, the Sand Fairy – as played by Kirsten Favreau

I am Celeste, the fairy of the morning.  I’m a younger fairy in this wood and enjoy the warmth of the early morning sun, the blossoming flowers and of course the beauty of the woods. I spend most of my days traveling through the woods; waking creatures and nurturing plants. I am always finding children, but for some reason, they are ones I never tend to see again.  Everyone is always looking for something or someone but I’m not quite sure why? This forest is filled with some sort of mysterious magic, but not the kind of the fairies….


Our Chorus

James – as played by Bill Broten
I am the village mason and earn a middle class living as a cathedral is being built in a nearby city. This causes me to be away from my home for long periods of time. Upon my latest visit home I learned that my 10 year old daughter has been missing for 3 month. My wife are I are devastated. I have deiced not to return to work on the cathedral until I have found my lost daughter.

Zander – as played by Alexander Albanese-Higgins

Hello My name is Zander, I live in a small village of 20 or so people and love to help everyone when I can. I may look young but I consider myself as a grown-up. While most kids my age would do anything for sweets, I would rather have a fresh piece of bread with butter from my uncles bakery. My Uncle has recently gotten quite ill so I help him run his bakery which is a bonus for me because one of my favourite things is the smell of freshly baked bread. Sadly to say I must leave the bakery for a little while, I have been told that my friend has a relative that has gone missing, so I will be going out to help him search. Oh How I hope nothing bad has happened.



Guinevere – as played by Anwyn Friesen Kroeker

My name is Guinevere. I am 9 years old and I enjoy reading fiction novels, eating schnitzel and candy, candle making and playing the piano. I live in a house in Germany with my mom and sister. I go to a public school called “öffentliche Schule” and I have made so many friends there. My best friends name is Sofia and her dad is a candle maker so sometimes we even get to work in his shop with him! Now, as I said before, I love eating schnitzel and candy, they are my two favourite foods, and coincidentally they are what got me caught by the witch. One day I was playing in the woods with my sister when we came across a house made from candy! At first I thought that I was hallucinating but after standing there dumbstruck for a few minutes my sister finally exclaimed that she saw it too, it was a real house made from candy! We couldn’t help but start eating! It was when we started eating that the witch came, before long she had fattened us up and baked us “to a tea”.


Aelin – as played by Julia Benson

My name is Aelin, and I live in a small town by a big magical forest. My house is small and cozy with a big fireplace. My sister and I love to go out and pick flowers and find berries for our mother. We always find ourselves humming or whistling some sort of tune; our family is very musical! I play the ukulele and I like to sing every day! I want to sing for everyone in the world when I grow up. I enjoy making people smile and spending time with the ones I love. I also have a dog named Clarence, and he likes candy a lot. Whenever I can, I sneak him my dessert under the table since I don’t like candy very much. Just don’t tell my mother! When that strange lady offered me those treats, I just couldn’t resist getting some for Clarence. I just wanted to make him happy!


Catherine – as played by Katie Friesen Kroeker

I am 13 years old and always look out for my best friend and sister, Aelin. We are the daughters of a candy maker, so we were never poor. One day, it was her day to help out at our shop, so I got to spend the whole day reading, which is almost as fun as playing with Aelin! After a while, though, she never came home, even though mom and dad said that she was just cleaning the shop. No one takes that much time cleaning. When I went there to check up on her, there was a note saying that we had run out of kindling for melting sugar, and that she had gone out into the forest to collect some more. When I decided to go out and help her, I just found this trail of candy, and at the end? That horrible witch!


Ingwer – as played by Avery Bond

My name is Ingwer, my name translates in to Ginger in my first language German! I am 16 years old and love music. I like to play the piano, guitar and saxophone! I live in a cozy house with my mom, dad, brother and our dog Oogie. I love to eat candy especially sour cherries. I like to wander into the woods with my brother Klaus and Oogie we enjoy picking strawberries for our mother to make pies with! One day we stumbled upon the magic cottage made entirely of candy. We couldn’t help ourselves and dug right in. If there is one thing I’ve learned it’s that you should STAY OUT OF THE WOODS!


Sylvia – as played by Monika Favreau

My name is Sylvia I am 9 years old and my favourite thing to do is make delicious cookies, decorate them and gobble them up. I also enjoy looking for berries and bunnies in the forest. For I am a very curious child, although sometimes this leads me to mischief. I was skipping along on my way to town to buy my mother and father a Christmas gift, and I knew just what to get them. Mother will get a new scarf and father, a new tie…


Estelle Broom – as played by Cassandra Parris-Annette Olsen.

Hi, I am Estelle I am 8 years of age and I love candy! My father is a market man and my mother, well she died when I was a baby. I like singing and dancing, and I wish I could all day.  But I have to help my father pick berries from the forest behind our cottage. One day I went off gallivanting in the woods and I smelled an amazing smell that I have never smelt before. I saw a cottage made of cakes and candy, a witch came out of the lovely home she told me to look in the oven so I did and she pushed me in!  What a terrible witch.


Regina – as played by Judy MacDonell

My name is Regina.  I live in a small town not far from the magic forest.  It is a wonderful life.  My two sisters and I each have a daughter and we spend much time together.  We are a very musical family.  I play the accordion.  We love to get together and have musical evenings after which we might have a hot cocoa and some Black Forest Cake.  Although my sisters and I may enjoy a little bratwurst and ale.

We always tell our children “Stay away from that forest!  Something schlecht is going on there.  They are such a job – always watching them!  But we just verehren them.


Sabine – as played by Anita Cameron

Ich bin Sabine. I trained to be eine Lehrerin, but since mein Mann disappeared in den Wald several years ago I’ve been making ends meet by running a home Kindertagesstätte. It is a job and a half looking after all those little Kinder and keeping tabs on my own zwei Mädchen!  They are fasziniert with that Wald, which I have to tell you – after their Vatti disappeared the way he did – gibt mir angst like you wouldn’t believe! It is so dark and spooky, and those children are so leicht geführt I’m afraid they would follow anyone who offered them ein cookie. Mädchen wollen einfach nur Spaß haben …


The Director – as played by Olivia Whiddon

As a child, I was under the impression that life was going to be a musical.  I figured emotions were stronger, games more fun and siblings more tolerable when put into song.  Now, as an adult, I have the joy of watching my imagination come to life on stage.  “Hansel and Gretel” has been an especially interesting challenge and joy; this my first non-Mozart opera, my first storybook come to life on stage and my first time working with a large cast.  I can’t wait for our next show!


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