The Impresario

Mozart’s The Impresario was the test project for Kenora Opera Theatre, only we didn’t know it at the time.

Students at the Olivia Whiddon Academy of Music have always surpassed expectation.  As they have been blossoming, new and exciting learning opportunities have become available.

The Impresario presents an almost perfect first directing experience.  A 45 minute show with beautiful but difficult music, text that is available in an English translation and funny and relatable characters, it’s no wonder Olivia chose this piece for her directorial debut.  Thankfully, Ruth agreed to lend her skills to this project (it’s a wonder she doesn’t run when she sees Olivia coming).

Inspired by the opera workshops that Olivia has attended, The Impresario became the Olivia Whiddon Academy of Music’s own version of an opera workshop.  The singers who participated in the course received voice lessons with Olivia, piano coaching with Ruth Girard, as well as acting direction and stage make-up guidance in preparation for their roles.  The story was tailored to suit the actors and the audience, with the Impresario and her assistant being played by women instead of men, while the Impresario herself decided to give up opera for golfing (instead of the usual farming).  The music was also tailored to suit the singers.  High Es were brought down to more manageable Cs and cadenzas were tailored to suit individual sopranos.

The community support, dedication of the singers and enthusiasm of the audience inspired the next step.  Kenora Opera Theatre.

Want to hear more about our first production?  Check us out on YouTube.


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